Experience Marocco in a unique way!

Mohamed The Guide and his team, will take you on a personalized journey through various Moroccan landscapes.

Experience breathtaking views and adventures, acquire life lasting impressions of the warmth and beauty of Morocco, and it’s people.

We offer completely customized hikes, rides with camels or mules, mountain biking, 4×4 and luxury camping experiences.

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Mohamed is born in the Valley of the Roses, south of the High Atlas.

Driven by the love for his country Mohamed decided to dedicate his career to guide you to the beauty of the desert, the hills and the mountains of Morocco.

Mohamed is a certified guide who graduated at the CFAMM (Training Centre for careers in Mountains of Morocco) in 1999. He is licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and recognized by the state for more than 15 years. He has been guiding groups for the largest trekking agencies in Morocco.

He is also a member of the National Association of Mountain Guides and escorts in the Moroccan Union of Mountain Guides.

Mohamed speaks French, Berber, Arabic and English.




Trekking in the Sahara desert or through the hills and mountains of the Atlas is like no other experience !

You will experience a sense of space and remoteness, especially when witnessed from the tops of the vast sandy dunes or from the highest cliffs. When hiking along an oasis, your days effort will be once more rewarded, by dining authentic great food and drinks under the stars and listening to the music by the campfire, it will give you sense of bliss.

Sahara Desert

Sahara, or the great desert, is the largest sand desert on the African continent. Marvel at the majestic beauty of the sand dunes and why not try out some sand- boarding, this is the place where the camel rules!

Atlantic Coast

Camping at night on a beach lit by the stars, a luxury Berber tent with a comfortable bed with duvet and fresh bed sheets awaits you. The following morning, after a fabulous breakfast, enjoy a hike or swim while exploring one of the most impressive coast lines of Africa.

Atlas Mountains

The Berbers, Morocco’s original people, whose home is in the Atlas Mountains, invite you to discover a way of life that has little changed in hundreds of years. A life among the stony and rugged slopes, lush green valleys and snow covered peaks of the Atlas.




Our biking guides will take you to the most iconic places, beautiful Kasbahs, streams, and the rugged mountain roads that lead to the mountain peaks, and through the green valleys.

Or try a ride through the date palm groves and the local villages with mud houses, all the way to the dry pre-Saharan region and the wild Atlantic coastline. Tailor made biking trips we be developed together with you, taking into account all your needs, we provide first class mountain-bikes and accessories.

Valleys & Gorges

Mohamed and his team invite you trek through the gorges and valleys of the Atlas Mountains. Be surprised by the beauty and variations of the different landscapes, colours and smells, where water brings life .The two constants you will encounter, is the beauty of the region and kindness of the native people.

Oases & Kasbahs

An Oasis will per definition fascinate you. Out of nowhere, all of a sudden water brings life, the deep green colors of the vegetation will contrast with the sand dunes. Then come the little villages, and their typical mud structures called “Kasbahs”, the original architecture where you will feel at home and welcome right away.




Camping in Morocco is indescribable, the night-sky is boundless, and the beauty of the desert scenery is out of this world, it’s a unique experience and the journey to the Sahara is an integral part of it.

We offer small desert camps between 4 to 10 tents. Location of the camps is key, we aim to take you to the most exiting and safe places.  From luxury comfort in a Berber camp, near the tallest dunes for total privacy, get a taste of Nomadic life and try all our activities in the dunes, which include CAMEL trekking, HORSE or MULE trekking, hiking, picnics, sunset vantage points walks.

Private Nomadic Camp

Your private desert luxury camp, in the desert next to the large sand dunes, or on the mountain plateaus, all of this a 2-hour drive from the next city, the camp will accommodate from two to up to twenty persons, in great comfort and style, allowing couples or a bunch of friends, or family to experience a total escape and exploration in the heart of Morocco.

We use the highest vantage points to set up a private relaxation space , with comfortable pillows and hammocks, allowing you to listen to the sounds of the desert or mountains and enjoy the fabulous sun sets!

The private nomadic desert camp has all the essentials for an indulgent night under the stars in a truly remote location including your own staff. The camp’s en-suite sleeping tents each provide king-size beds (or singles), mattresses, the finest linens, rugs/carpets, and of course an adjoining bathroom tent (with showering facility, wash-stand and toilet).

We arrange a number of activities at the camp or out from camp, including hiking, camel-trek, picnics, sand-boarding, sunset vantage points with chilled drinks and evening music by the campfire.

Deluxe Private Camping

4x4 Adventures


4X4 Adventures

Mohamed and his team will take you on a breathtaking 4X4 tour through the Atlas Mountains chains.

You will cross the local villages and other points of interest, always allowing you to enjoy the moments and use all the photo opportunities you wish! Once you leave the mountain chain behind you, you will descend into the Pre-Saharan region, where the desert begins. You will discover all the hidden corners, where the unexpected comes to life, impressive water wells and river basins where the snow-melt waters will irrigate the crops of the valleys, creating a vast contrast of colors and shapes.

Underneath the green palm groves, you will enjoy lunch or dinner, or a local version of high tea!



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Mohamed speaks:
French, Berber, Arabic and English

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